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In 2005 Thomas Bizeau was an assistant planner in the Jackson County Planning Department.

On 11th April 2005 Thomas Bizeau reviewed the PUD-05-25 document (it's in the Basic Documents section), and then he responded with the letter that is linked below.

The first sentence of this letter's last major paragraph, and indeed the entire letter, is a model of diplomatic understatement.


However, it seems that, perhaps, Mr. Bizeau failed to notice the missing page 7 of the redacted version of the 2004 Agricultural Buffer Agreement that is embedded in PUD-05-25 starting at page "50.2 PAGE 147".


The 2005 Declarant was Arthur Dubs, the famous polar bear killer and Hollywood movie producer! Look here:


And here:

Did Mr. Bizeau get a complete copy of the 2004 Agreement, or did Mr. Bizeau only see Arthur Dubs' cleverly redacted version embedded in PUD-05-25?

"Hollywood elites are, by definition, in the business of concocting fictional stories...Is it any surprise that they apply these skill sets beyond screen and stage to achieve their objectives in realms affecting their personal and political lives?"

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