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Homeowners' Unofficial Newsletters
This website provides BVH Owners access to documents that do not appear in the sparse QPM website, as well as several other Facts, Opinions, Recommendations, & Satire that No-one in BVH will ever read.

Proudly thrown together over a March 2021 weekend using the free WIX website creator

One homeowner sends out monthly newsletters via email using the email address list of all Association members that is maintained by Quality Property Management.  


This owner's "unofficial" newsletters are appended below.

Why not create and email your own unofficial newsletter, and it will be added below?

A list of all the owners' email addresses was recently broadcast to all Association members, and you can also request the email list from QPM.

You too can publish a newsletter that is replete with your personal suggestions, opinions, ideas, gossip, rumors, conspiracy theories, intrigue, insinuendo, etc.


And, don't forget to include unsubstantiated reports about the so-called changes that are allegedly taking place in BVH.

Your readers, if any, will wonder where you get your bogus stories from, won't they? 

QPM's Newsletters

WARNING: All newsletters habitually present distorted versions of the truth, statutes, and governing documents. Do not believe a word they say. Go to the source docs!

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